About Me

Fourteen years ago I began my massage career. Massage was a natural transition bridging my previous work in physical therapy and fitness. Several years ago my family and I moved to Bend and I continued my INTEGRATED MASSAGE THERAPY practice. Since then I have broadened my skills to become a Certified Lymphatic Therapist (Klose Training).

Massage therapy is a perfect fit for me in that it gives me the opportunity to utilize my kinesthetic nature and the opportunity to explore my curiosity and passion for learning about the wonderfully complex human body and mind. I never tire of studying and learning to improve my skills and deepen my understanding in order to help my clients meet their goals for their massage. Nothing is more fulfilling than sharing my knowledge and skills with my clients while, at the same time, my clients teach me and help me to grow and evolve. It is a truly awesome collaboration.

Woven into my life as a massage therapist are my family, friends, dance, Spanish studies, skate skiing, yoga, cycling, and travel.